Do you have an idea what’s the best drone under $100?

Finding out what is best drone you can find under $100 is interesting task, because there are many good drones for cheap price.As drones become more and more popular, most of companies in drone business launch their version of low-budget drones.


For these cheap drones we could not expect to have best features in world, but some of them have some performances that even the best one would not be ashamed.

Best drone under $100 at this moment is JXD 509W, which is a WiFi version of JXD 509.

jxd-509wIt is made of plastic and has interesting futuristic design.Propellers are flexible for  90º, which together with plastic ensuring it won’t break easily.It has some great features which is hard to find even between some more expensive drones. Featuring Altitude Holder, One-Key Home Return, Headless Mode, Automatic Landing.JXD 509W also have 2 MP camera and LED lights.With flight time of 6-8 minutes and control range of 100 meters and all of its great features, it is best you can find under $100