DJI Mavic – newest drone from most popular drone manufacturer.

Only few days after GoPro Karma was announced, DJI announced Mavic. Before we start talking about specifications, features.. I’d like to ask you something. We already had advanced drones available on the market, with good camera, features, specs. But, there’s one thing that was missing. Can you name it? In my opinion, it was portability. Drones, especially high-end drones were large and hard to transport. Have you ever seen DJI Inspire 1 for an example? On images it doesn’t look that large but when you see it in real then you realise how big that drone is. You can’t bring it with you when you’re going on weekend trip. You need car to bring it from place A to place B. It’s time for new era of drones. High end portable drones are the future.

Let’s don’t lie ourselves. This trend started way before DJI decided to build portable drone. We already had GoPro Karma, AirDog and few other portable drones. But DJI, thanks to name they have, is able to change things overnight. It’s question of time when we’ll start seeing portable drones in cheap drone segment.

Despite it’s small size, Mavic comes close to beating DJI Phantoms 4 specs. DJI Mavic has top speed of 40mph, compared to DJI Phantom 4 45 mph, that’s 5mpg slower. That’s definitely not big deal and shouldn’t be deal breaker. When it comes to flight time, things are very similar on both Mavic and Phantom 4. Both of them can achieve 22minutes of flight time in average. Maximum flight time is claimed to be 27 minutes. Now, what’s interesting is control range. DJI claims that Mavic has a control range of over 7 kilometers. That’s almost 2 kilometers more than DJI Phantom 4. This hasn’t be tested yet so we can’t comfirm it with 100% sure.

Now, I guess you’re wondering how does Mavic flies? Well, from what we know for now it’s very good flyer. I guess it’s because of its size. It’s significantly smaller that Phantom 4 and that makes it much more wind resistant. Again, we’ll have to test this to be 100% sure. For now, we’re only talking about DJIs claims. So, what do you think about DJI Mavic so far? Do you think it’s better than GoPro Karma? Do you prefer Mavic or Phantom 4?