My 10 favorite drones for less than $100

Today we will bring you a list of 10 best quadcopter that can be found for under $100.You will see, many good and quality drones are avaliable for low price.

  1. FY326

Last place on our list goes to FY326.It is cheapest drone in list and its best side is control distance of 150 meters.Engines produce enough power even to lift up a small camera.It comes with prop guards and landing legs so flight and landing should be safe.Flight time is 10 minutes.

  1. HONGTAI F803C

F803C is one of the most interesting micro quadcopters.It has amazing 100 meters range and it comes with 1MP camera which is built into a quad.This drone is perfect for indoor flights but you can take it outside when you are sure that is not windy.Design in another good thing at this drone,LED lights and painted propellers give it a cool look.


  1. SYMA X5C1

Syma X5C1 is upgraded version of X5C, one of Syma’s best and most selled products.It is ready-to-fly and comes with camera.Four motors are powerful enough to put this drone with camera in the air, but if you move camera it can transport small and light objects.Flight time is couple minutes when camera is used, but Syma X5C1 can flight 8 to 10 minutes when camera is OFF.This is one of the cheapest drone that comes with camera.


DM007 is one of the best looking quadcopters.Designers really give good efort on this drone.Futuristic look and black color earned it the name of „spy“ drone.It is small drone but it comes with 2MP camera and you need to practice a little bit to become able maneuvre it.With camera control distance is 70 meters but without camera distance increase up to 300 meters.Flight time is 10 minutes which is really good for such a small drone.


  1. MJX X400

First drone on our list that comes with FPV(First person view) Real Time Transmission.This is posible using a WiFi FPV camera 0.3 MP that connects to your IOS or android using an app.This app enable you to see what X400 is recording in real time.It has powerful baterry which allows it to fly 8-10 minutes.

  1. SYMA X8C

Another Syma product, they target market are low-cost drones.X8C is large quadcopter and comes with upgraded camera.It is really heavy, over half a kilo so you need to be careful not to crash it.Baterry and motors are powerful, just as every large and heavy drone should have.This power allow it to fly 200 meters in distance for 12 minutes.

  1. XK ALIEN X250-B

X250-B is an upgraded version of Alien X250 with FPV.It has a little different design than we used to see.It comes with a 2MP camera.Fpv transmission is done through IOS or android app just like as MJX X400.App can also functionate as remote control, but you can control it through regular RC remote.Flight time is between 10 and 12 minutes and control distance is solid 150-250 meters.

  1. JXD 509V

Third place on our list is reserved for Pioneer JXD 509V, quadcopter which besides its main function have many useful features for great price.It includes: One-Key Return, Altitude holder, Headless mode.2MP camera can tilt for 30º, allowing different points of view.Only weak side is control distance which is only 80 meters, but all in all this is one of the best low-budget quads.

  1. JJRC H26W

JJRC and Syma are top producers of low-budget quality drones.H26W comes with 2MP camera with a 2 axis adjustable gimbal, which allows you different recording angle.FPV is, like in previous cases done through app that can be downloaded on your android or IOS.It also comes with two very useful features:Headless mode and One-Key return.At the end, control distance is outstanding 300 meters!


  1. JXD 509W

1st place on our list goes to JXD 509W, an upgraded version of 509G.This is WiFi version of 509G.It is made from plastic and propellers are flexible for 90º, so you can be sure that crashing it or hitting some other object would not do big damage on it.Many features comes with it.Altitude holder, One-Key return, Headless mode, Automatic landing.Do you agree with me that there is no better drone for $100?